Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Poetry Thursday: Darrell Grayson

The Nature of Being
by Darrell Grayson

Through humor, love cascades
As a display of stars—these
The gods have reasonably essayed—
And further, they whispered the
Punch-line into clay to ease
Their boredom.

Essence is conveyed as light.
These artists crafted the senses through
Bold explicit strokes, painting us
Breathlessly across a winking sky.

Portends tragedy
Sweetens the earth like music
Caressing the senses, in
Blue jazzy waves.

The Temple of Our Familiars
Mazes of reason are conquered
Allowing us to consume dementia
And expel rose-colored bubbles
Our gossamer wings
Shimmer in quiet desperation.

Brilliant abstraction no longer loll
Over horizons that once captivated
Or swayed us through chants
From ego-centric lands, where
Philosophies eat souls as tender fruit.

That singular crown of a face
Edified to the magnificence
Of hearts redeemed.

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