Thursday, February 9, 2012

Poetry Thursday: Marge Piercy

via Public Domain Images Online
I'll go with a fairly easy revelation from my morning, the poem featured on today's The Writer's Almanac, the radio program that basically gets me out of bed each day.

As I gain more readers, I have to revisit my "whole body" approach to Poetry Thursdays because I want to maintain fair use. That'll mean planning and gaining permissions from the amazing poets whom I read and think about.

Till then, I leave you with Piercy's final stanza, and urge you to visit this link to read the poem in its entirety:

Everything revealed is magical,
splendid in its ordinary shining.
The sun gives birth to rosebushes,
the myrtle, a snow shovel fallen,
overcome on the field of battle.

From "February Ground," by Marge Piercy.

[Image via a richly Cheap Bohemian, havealittletalk at Public Domain Images Online. This particular image from the NOAA Photo Library at the National Weather Service was taken by farmer Wilson Bentley in 1902, a hobbyist who photographed many snow crystals for public information. God bless the hobbyists].


  1. This is, I think, my favorite Marge Piercy poem

    1. i also, absolutely love that poem, Carole. It is so true. Those are the people I love.